KW Horeca

KW Horeca has started in 2015 and is the organisation behind four hospitality businesses and an internal secondment company. The hospitality businesses that are part of KW Horeca have been providing quality in the hospitality industry of the Krimpenerwaard for more than 20 years. From our headquarters in Bergambacht and our branch offices in Lekkerkerk and Bergambacht, we serve the entire Krimpenerwaard area and beyond. Hospitality services have been provided at Party Center Amicitia since 1994. This is also the company with which KW Horeca has grown up.

In 2012 Party Center Amicitia started running a lunchroom called “Huisje van de Zeeuw” and at the end of 2012 a new hospitality business was started, namely “Pancake restaurant Onder de Molen“. The benefits that could be gained from running multiple companies have been the stepping stone for further growth.With a balanced team and a lot of goodwill to make a contribution to vital centers within the Krimpenerwaard, it was decided in 2014/2015 to partly run ‘Het Kwartier Stolwijk’ and then ‘Hotel & Restaurant De Arendshoeve‘. After a successful start-up period, Het Kwartier was transferred to Dick Blanken.

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Charme Hotels

Soft franchise hotel formula Charme Hotels was founded in 2011 and brings together independent Dutch hoteliers who, while maintaining their own hotel identity, still want to achieve cost savings and sales improvement.

Initiators Bart Reints Bok and Onno Pel started Charme Hotels out of a great passion for the independent hotel industry and because they noticed that there is an urgent need in the industry for a franchise organization with thorough knowledge of revenue management, online hotel marketing and profitable F&B concepts.

The hotels of Charme Hotels are all an ideal base for a planned weekend away, because you have something to celebrate, or just for a spontaneous last minute. There is plenty of choice in various hotel packages, from cheap to luxury with all the trimmings, all found at special locations.

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