Cultural trips close to De Arendshoeve

Around Hotel & Restaurant De Arendshoeve there are sufficient options for a cultural trip. For example, Mill Den Arend is 200 meters from De Arendshoeve and there is a shop in the mill that can be visited.

There are of course also several museums in the neighborhood of De Arendshoeve and in the surrounding towns. View all our cultural tips here!

    Mill den Arend

    The mill dating from 1869 is unique in the Krimpenerwaard and sets the tone for Bergambacht. The mill can also be visited!

    Cheese Farm Schep

    Over 500 dairy cows are milked daily at the Schep Cheese Farm. It is also possible to take a look yourself when they are milking the cows.

    Cheese Farm Hoogerwaard

    A family business based in an old farm from 1600. On this farm they make Gouda Boerenkaas from raw milk, which is sold in the farm shop.

    Cheese Farm De Twee Hoeven

    De Twee Hoeven is a dairy farm and cheese factory on the Steinsedijk in Haastrecht. The den Boer family has been farming on this farm for several generations.

      Silver city Schoonhoven

      On the broad river Lek is a small town with a heroic past: Schoonhoven. The town is best known for its silver industry.

      Silver museum Schoonhoven

      A visit to the Dutch Silver Museum in Schoonhoven means a fun, interactive and educational trip for young and old.

      Masters of the Silver City

      Since 2018, the age-old Veerpoort of Schoonhoven is open to the public again, and used as jewelery gallery Masters of the Silver City.

      Schoonhovens Edelambachtshuys

      A unique building, with a unique content, in a unique city. The Schoonhovens Edelambachtshuys is located in the former Jewish synagogue.

        Cheese city Gouda

        The compact historic city center with its many sights, authentic shops, small streets, the canals and the many courtyards is worth a visit.

        Museum Gouda

        Museum Gouda is the museum of the city. It is housed in a historic building, originally a medieval guesthouse. They manage 40,000 items.

        Cheese market Gouda

        The Gouda cheese market is a spectacular historical and nostalgic scene. Every Thursday morning during the summer in Gouda!

        Sint-Jan Church Gouda

        At 123 meters, the Sint-Jan church in Gouda is the longest church in the Netherlands. Whoever walks into St John falls silent when he sees the 72 world-famous stained glass windows.

          Regional museum Krimpenerwaard

          Regional museum Krimpenerwaard has a mixed collection in which the history of the Krimpenerwaard in the early 20th century is central.

          Gemaal de Hooge Boezem

          The Gemaal De Hooge Boezem behind Haastrecht was built in the 19th century to continue living and working below sea level.